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DOJ, FBI and CISA unpack how they’re leveraging government, industry and international partnerships to mitigate ransomware attacks.
The newly announced joint cyber effort is the latest in a series of new initiatives aimed at securing agencies, with CISA leading that way.
More education and information-sharing will boost the fight against ransomware, according to federal cyber leaders.
SolarWinds, CISA and the White House issued new information regarding the state of cyber and advised how to better secure critical infrastructure.
Leaders look to newer focuses in securing their ICT supply chains.
The FBI, CISA and ODNI formed a group to address the most significant cyber breach of the U.S. government in years.
Resources and talent only go so far if you're not aware of which systems are most vulnerable and still clicking on phishing emails.
Senior officials from DHS, DOJ and the FBI say smart data practices help them telework more efficiently.
Rich Haley's priorities include data management and cloud computing for unique mission needs.
Forward-thinking agencies face fewer vulnerabilities as attacks ramp up in intensity.
The National Counterintelligence and Security Center emphasized the need for executive-level cyber education.
'Aptitude' is among government's top focus for potential recruits.
The FBI must strategize its IT modernization efforts while balancing crucial security responsibilities.
In the past year, agencies have cooperated on national security and security policy
The intersection of technology and national security is a top focus for the intelligence agency.
Cybersecurity leaders across government point to penetration testing as a solution to identifying many IT vulnerabilities.
Agencies across the federal government offer programs to stoke interest in federal cybersecurity careers.
New tech has a place, but agencies should be mindful of security risks.
Agency heads say prioritizing what data to encrypt will prevent further roadblocks to accessibility.
Major initiatives include cloud migration, integrity of communications and augmented reality.