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electronic records management

The CMS and EPA roll out new tools to help transition from paper to electronic records in the wake of the looming M-19-21 deadline.
The agency's chief records officer is ramping up electronic records management amid an approaching deadline.
The agency is looking provide critical support and training to resolve issues in electronic health records.
The agency will review the Cerner platform to ensure readiness and reliability.
Digitization and digitalization are two related areas enabling new projects and adoption of emerging technologies.
NARA leveraged lessons learned from COVID-19 to accelerate records digitization.
The agency is looking at new tools that are supporting both content and program management.
The modernization and consolidation at Veterans Affairs and DOD appears to be aiding delivery of care, continuity of treatment and overall information security.
The Office of Intelligence and Analysis has a mix of short-term and long-term goals to achieve electronic records readiness.
Amid challenges of file and metadata standardization challenges, the agency is rolling out several solutions to optimize its electronic records management initiative.