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electronic health records

DNA analysis with electronic medical records can improve health outcomes for the U.S. population.
The challenges of the pandemic have only reinforced the importance of using data insights to improve patient care.
Improving patient care through the advancement of precision medicine.
The agency is coupling API development with a focus on human-centered design to lay the groundwork for both current modernization and future initiatives.
Successful AI and machine-learning capacities within health systems require a foundational attention to data quality and the broader care environment.
Recently implemented telework measures are allowing the agency to focus on the Cerner transition despite challenges in pandemic.
Although the agency paused MHS Genesis deployment during the pandemic, leaders have continued progressing health record modernization alongside VA.
COVID-19 has highlighted opportunities in public policy and supporting public-private efforts.
A program with DOD helps bidirectionally share information with local partners.
The agency is improving access to patient data for veterans.
The agency released a final strategic report suggesting ways to relieve provider EHR burdens and improve care.
Rep. Michael Burgess sees potential for future technology to improve medical care.
The agency intends to scale its electronic health records modernization based on learnings from other agencies.
Health agencies point to a need for modernized IT infrastructure and data-driven decisions.
The electronic health record initiative is progressing toward the Nellis wave next year.
Major advances include automated appointment reminders and online prescription refills.
DHA leaders discuss the first wave of the new defense electronic health record.
Modernizing the VA's electronic health records database could streamline the care process, assuming technical complexities are carefully managed.
The deputy assistant secretary for health technology reform explains the importance of health IT reform toward better serving patients.
Adoption of a commercial electronic health record will allow for fast adoption of emerging tech at the Defense Health Agency.