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electronic health records

Lung cancer innovation at the agency is looking at technology to improve detection and treatment.
Public health researchers are developing methods for better detecting and predicting dangerous forms of cancer.
The agency is making use of Agile development practices to protect patient data and critical systems during its large-scale electronic health records modernization.
Undersecretary Shereef Elnahal plans to improve veteran health access and services.
The agency is looking provide critical support and training to resolve issues in electronic health records.
The agency will review the Cerner platform to ensure readiness and reliability.
The agency is mobilizing a comprehensive experience treating disease and its modernized health IT system around supporting the effort.
The agency is looking to implement large-scale information security reforms designed to meet White House goals and counter an evolving threat landscape.
The agency's new EHR platform went live at its next site in Washington.
The budget eyes prioritizing new allocations for mental and physical healthcare, facilities modernization.
DHMS' Holly Joers provides updates on EHR roll out and outlines next steps.
ONC's Micky Tripathi highlights how the foundation for interoperability that ONC has set is going to transform health data exchange and use in 2022.
New administration priorities are shaping the tech vision of one of the largest federal IT undertakings.
VA has debuted a new management structure to streamline the implementation of its modernized electronic health records system.
The Department of Veterans Affairs unveiled new programs to expand veteran compensation and associated claims processing automation.
FEHRM director unpacks lessons learned from 2021 and discusses how EHR leaders will use momentum to drive successes into the new year.
The acquisition is one of the health IT sector’s largest buys.
The former Microsoft executive will face a restructured EHR modernization program and other tech priorities in 2022.
Health care agencies are implementing new technologies for enhanced data exchange.
FDA, ONC and VA leaders address how they’re improving data flows to bolster IT infrastructures.