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election security

The newly unclassified strategy anticipates election security issues and suggests an independent cyber service.
CISA is confident in the security and resiliency of election infrastructure, but concerns remain due to a complex threat environment.
Blockchain and 5G are among priorities agencies are exploring for election security and cyber risks.
With phishing and the upcoming election, securing infrastructure remains a top necessity that initiatives like TIC 3.0 will advance.
Coordination with partners at all levels continues to be a focus for the agency.
Key topics include election security, workforce and building public trust.
Cybersecurity and emerging technologies were key in the agency's 2019 IT advancements.
'What More Can You Do?' is Christopher Krebs’s Motto Going into 2020.
Christopher Krebs advocates for a long-term, actionable plan to support state and local electoral commissions.
New report finds identity theft, financial and election security among top consumer concerns.