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Cyber experts say Chinese hackers will likely target U.S. critical infrastructure as part of Taiwanese war plans.
Work across agencies are improving new tech and eyeing joint health information exchanges that make data more interoperable and transparent.
Health and civilian agencies highlighted communication and collaboration when implementing zero trust strategies.
CISA's Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative will focus on managing and preventing persistent cybersecurity threats, such as supply chain risk and open-source software.
Ann Dunkin's tech strategy is supporting a carbon pollution-free electricity sector by 2035.
Health and civilian agencies expect to build off progress to improve health equity, smarter IT acquisitions and better customer experience through digital services.
A digital tool is helping to visualize actionable data to support decision-making.
The Department of Energy is partnering with the private sector to expand advanced threat monitoring systems in operational technology.
Researchers at NIH, DOE and the Census Bureau developed new methods for securely sharing sensitive data.
The Department of Education builds incident response and recovery plan on resilience and guidance from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
CFPB and DOE shift their attention to zero trust as they work to eliminate risks and build a higher level of protection around their software supply chains.
Technically focused wings of the federal government have begun investing in the computational resources needed to sort and analyze large quantities of complex data.
Sustainability is coming to the forefront of federal procurement and contracting.
The five-pillar strategy will focus on CIE awareness, education, development and incorporation into both legacy and future infrastructure.
The department's national labs are developing new 5G capabilities.
There are special tools to help organizations protect their infrastructures from malicious Russian cyber activity.
Agencies are leveraging teleworking tools alongside in-person collaboration.
Successful IT adoption comes down to winning over your workforce.
Future iterations of the scorecard could include expanded cybersecurity and infrastructure categories.
Federal AI leaders share examples of groundwork around data management, training and culture.