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Department of Defense News and Analysis

Defense Innovation Unit is bringing commercial AI technologies across DOD to improve mission capabilities.
The JCF aims to leverage cloud platforms and data to enable open-access development of AI across the military.
The next-generation connectivity standard can improve augmented reality training, telemedicine and combat readiness.
Defense acquisition's top official brief next plans of certifying contractors according to new cybersecurity standards.
Diverse thought is necessary amid enterprise-level modernization and change.
DHS will be a key leader for IT supply chain security efforts, according to a new report.
The long-awaited strategy emphasizes making data a strategic asset across the enterprise.
The report calls upon DOD to divest from legacy weapons systems to focus on emerging tech.
The group advocated for a U.S. Digital Services Academy and National Reserve Digital Corps.
A GAO report found that the defense initiative is one of 16 top federal agency IT acquisition areas
The defense organization is also exploring AI testing, digital engineering and the formation of a Space Advisory Committee.
Frameworks including zero trust and edge security can vastly improve government cybersecurity.
'Soft skills' are among the top traits for strong cyber leadership, according to federal CISOs.
Preparing data for AI use and ensuring all service members are able to leverage data are key.
Delivering data 'at the speed of need' requires more visibility and usability.
The agency's tech efforts impact 9.5 million beneficiaries around the world.
The Defense Department is prototyping a series of 5G technologies across its bases to advance areas including telemedicine.
CISO Wanda Jones-Heath says thinking about the service on an enterprise level will spur efficiency and innovation across DOD.
Algorithmic development and multidisciplinary collaboration are key.
The project exemplifies the direction the center is taking to make AI operational across the Defense Department.