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The agency is working on multiple cloud initiatives to further push the agency's ambitious plan of creating a global cloud infrastructure.
The Defense Information Systems Agency reflects on the recently completed zero trust pilot and implications for the armed services.
The use of unauthorized technology has become increasingly prevalent in the remote work environment, weakening cybersecurity.
The agency is creating new workforce efficiencies for DOD’s new cloud computing era.
DISA leadership brief how partnerships will impact new cloud efforts.
Narratives around zero trust, AI and user experience will drive ongoing developments in defense technology.
The newly awarded Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability (JWCC) dovetails with other cloud efforts across the Defense Department.
Defense cloud leaders dissect cloud security myths and challenges, with DevSecOps and zero trust as the pillars of a secure hybrid cloud.
Testing, scaling and interoperability are the remaining impediments as DISA moves closer to completing its Thunderdome zero trust prototype.
Agencies are aligning security and performance needs.
SBOMs and transparency are key to resilient cybersecurity models.
DISA’s Hosting and Compute Center is working through technical and programmatic challenges created by hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
The six-month extension will allow DISA to develop a SIPRNet-specific zero trust solution for JADC2.
The department is putting cybersecurity first in strategic next steps.
Identity management, level of assurance and single source of truth are pillars of the zero trust approach to cybersecurity.
DISA’s HaCC empowers the warfighter by delivering problem-solving capabilities via user-centered design.
Training a cyber-aware workforce can transform end users from potential vulnerabilities into security enablers.
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Data and cyber leaders detailed challenges with C2 modernization and how it will be the foundation for JADC2 implementation.
The agency follows a collection of guiding principles that include secure and modernized systems to accomplish an extensive data architecture across the agency.