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The Technology Modernization Fund is unlocking new tech initiatives as CIOs juggle competing priorities and budgets.
EEOC, NARA and VA are accelerating case management modernization to prepare for the digital future.
Digitization is key for trimming unwieldy pen-and-paper processes, improving patient care and health workers' morale.
Gundeep Ahluwalia said CX should be “baked into the cake,” not the “icing on top.”
The agency's chief records officer is ramping up electronic records management amid an approaching deadline.
The agency's recently appointed Acting Undersecretary Josh Jacobs is gearing up for process improvements amid new legislation.
FDA and VA received FedHealthIT awards for their efforts to collect, store and analyze data to improve patient care.
The agency is using record digitization and process automation to streamline its FOIA process and empower its workforce.
The agency's veteran readiness division lead explains new digital tools that are improving veteran employment services.
Digitization and digitalization are two related areas enabling new projects and adoption of emerging technologies.
DOL CIO explains how TMF is supporting digitization and data modernization initiatives.
NARA leveraged lessons learned from COVID-19 to accelerate records digitization.
With nine projects underway, Pilot IRS is emerging as an avenue to procure key technologies quickly.
Automation tech is helping the IRS process unused claims on its free online preparation and filing service.
Through its strategic plan, the agency is embracing strategies to embrace a fully digital government.
VA's benefits chief sees promise in emerging technology to delivering benefits faster.
Amid challenges of file and metadata standardization challenges, the agency is rolling out several solutions to optimize its electronic records management initiative.