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digital health

A new initiative aims to build a “community of interoperability” to improve diagnostics and standards.
FDA leaders are experimenting on new programs that innovate how technology facilitates the review and approval of new drugs.
The university is pioneering the crossroads of technology and medicine.
Agile teaming and strategizing around data are driving success behind CMS's eMedicare initiative.
SAMHSA and other agencies are introducing communications and tech campaigns to support the mental health challenges of older people.
The agency invested resources into new applications providing access to critical services and information during the pandemic.
Tax credits and health equity are addressed in the new stimulus plan starting April 1.
With technology changing by the second, the agency's new center of excellence aims to keep medical software and devices safe for patients.
The largest public research university in Virginia is depending heavily on virtual learning, and these changes may be here to stay.
Federal leaders are implementing and advocating for advancements in digital health technology.
The federal health insurance marketplace website operates within a secure cloud environment.
With an uptick of mental health disorders during the pandemic, officials are scaling up tech to meet demand for care.