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Concepts and mandates such as cyber incident reporting, DevSecOps and zero trust only go so far.
Modernizing systems for more mobile environments can ensure efficient applications of AI and biometrics in tandem to pinpoint enemies.
DHS embraces automation on zero trust journey as they continually make efforts to provide their mission space with the capabilities that they need.
CISA encourages federal agencies to adopt a zero trust approach to cybersecurity to prevent cyberattacks.
DevSecOps continues to bring change to government's culture and approach to security.
DHS and USCIS strive to achieve credible, dependable and comprehensive data in order to make informed decisions at strategic and operational levels.
CISA Director Jen Easterly encouraged critical infrastructure organizations and federal agencies to aggressively shore up cyber defenses as Russia bombards Ukrainian critical infrastructure with malware.
Low code and other cloud capabilities are used throughout DOD to ease transformation of digital services development.
Recent lessons learned and efforts to quickly stand up data platforms are contributing to future strategic goals around data.
Use cases for the technology are enabling full national security protections across government.
CIA, CYBERCOM and DHS are integrating new security solutions to mitigate evolving risks.
The agency's cyber sprints are accelerating collaboration and cybersecurity across various sectors.
New workforce initiatives at DOD and DHS aim to drive technology adoption and implementation.
Cyber vulnerabilities in federal agencies' supply chains aren't going away any time soon, and addressing them will take a consistent, concentrated effort.
Federal and industry leaders are bolstering security foundations to protect against evolving ransomware threats.
As a founding visionary for its data strategy, Elizabeth Puchek discusses the importance of citizen development for citizenship services.
Tech leaders across DHS and IRS are integrating AI to streamline processes and uncover new efficiencies.
DHS is working to secure supply chains and leverage new standardization to protect IT networks.
COVID-19 pushed DHS and GAO to drive identity management and zero trust to protect its IT infrastructure, as cybersecurity threats continue to increase.
Iteratively working with and for customers enables better solutions delivery, both in IT and acquisitions.