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Platform One will move part of its DevSecOps product to secret level this year and to top secret level in 2024.
The Veterans Legacy Memorial remembrance platform includes additional veteran profiles from DOD cemeteries ahead of Memorial Day.
Teaching military service members to code could be key to winning future conflicts as software continues to influence the course of the Russia-Ukraine war.
Software modernization at the Defense Department is key to maintaining a competitive advantage in modern warfare.
Kessel Run has been quietly proving how achieving a software-empowered organization transforms all facets of warfighting operations.
Future Marines need to know how to shoot, move, communicate and code, according to software leaders at the Marine Corps.
CIO Aaron Weis' take on a continuous ATO process includes moving to a currency mindset.
FutureG & 5G initiative is hastening 5G adoption across DOD and investment in NextG technologies.
Spirit Realm, one of the newest USAF software factories, will support B-2 stealth bomber operational capability.
DevSecOps practices could secure open source technology as new threats emerge.
Air Force software factory Kessel Run replaced the 609th Air Operations Center's legacy IT battle management system with its new suite of software applications, called KRADOS.
Narratives around zero trust, AI and user experience will drive ongoing developments in defense technology.
Defense cloud leaders dissect cloud security myths and challenges, with DevSecOps and zero trust as the pillars of a secure hybrid cloud.
With legacy systems in place, agencies are starting to use DevOps to ease the shift to new IT systems.
Drew Myklegard moves from acting to permanent deputy federal CIO.
Lt. Gen. John Morrison says Army plans to increase BYOD program users to 20,000.
Brian Kelley explains how he’s leveraging new models to secure 5G networks.
SBOMs and transparency are key to resilient cybersecurity models.
The agency is making use of Agile development practices to protect patient data and critical systems during its large-scale electronic health records modernization.
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