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The agency's 'batcave' program aims to enact faster development while balancing security and resiliency.
Defense leaders say nothing is more important to a sound cyber strategy than culture change.
DOD's IT modernization challenges warfighters to think beyond tactical skills.
The agency is creating a culture around cloud technologies.
Zero trust access models are essential to maintaining robust security frameworks.
A GSA IT modernization lead highlights importance of governance, security, training and more during all stages of cloud migration.
DHS cyber leaders have a laundry list of items for federal CISOs to address.
VA’s DevSecOps lead is integrating agile incrementally into its strategic priorities to guide its digital transformation journey.
Military services are using automated development practices in the adoption of new technologies and to safeguard IT security.
Agile requires longstanding culture shifts and decisions rooted in data.
The Air Force, VA and NASA encourage communication, training and empowerment to better adoption of agile software development methods.
DHS and CISA want to lead the federal register and private industry by example.
VA is leveraging new platforms and services to provide better and faster care to veterans.
VA, USCIS and CMS tech leads are streamlining processes in an effort to enhance security practices.