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Department of Homeland Security News and Analysis

News and analysis covering technical modernization at the Department of Homeland Security. As an umbrella agency formed in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, DHS oversees responsibilities ranging from port security to travel screening and financial crimes investigation. This array of missions has encouraged the agency to adopt new technology that allows greater finesse and discretion.
The agency plans ways to incorporate user feedback and security testing throughout the development process.
A high-tech prototype backpack demonstrates how agencies can address fear of failure and enhance innovation efforts with cultural support.
Officials from Homeland Security, Army Research Lab and In-Q-Tel discuss the components of successful collaboration with industry.
The 2019 cohort will look for any technology impacting national security.
The bill creates a bug bounty program and establishes vulnerability reporting policy.
The Department of Homeland Security is still considering AI kiosks at border control and customs checkpoints.
New report finds identity theft, financial and election security among top consumer concerns.
White House and DHS issue new report raising warnings about raising a "world-class cybersecurity workforce."
A passion for public service fueled by technology.
First the National Risk Management Center, now the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.
It’s not every day the Homeland Security CIO offers you a job over Tex-Mex.
“Innovate or die” is not a saying because it’s cute.
How an entrepreneur in Texas found her way to D.C.
How a fake critical infrastructure network shed light on real live cyberthreats.
And is incorporating emerging tech into future innovation plans.
And is setting the standards for protecting U.S. critical infrastructure.
“We must move beyond routine information sharing,” said Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.
The first CyberCast episode explores how cyber relies on proper risk management.
Discussing a renewed focus on risk management.