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Department of Homeland Security News and Analysis

News and analysis covering technical modernization at the Department of Homeland Security. As an umbrella agency formed in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, DHS oversees responsibilities ranging from port security to travel screening and financial crimes investigation. This array of missions has encouraged the agency to adopt new technology that allows greater finesse and discretion.
Using more automation can help federal agencies improve quality of data.
DHS will be a key leader for IT supply chain security efforts, according to a new report.
DHS Deputy CTO Brian Campo said zero trust is all about how you control your data.
The last thing federal agencies, especially health agencies, should do is allow their cyber vigilance to slip.
Through a new website, the agency aims to educate and update travelers on how it uses the NIST-approved facial-recognition technology.
Described as a forward-leaning agency, digital transformation at the agencies ultimately came down to culture.
The Department of Homeland Security is leading research efforts to assist, inform and prepare the public to respond to COVID-19.
Local municipalities can better detect precursor chemicals from homemade bombs before they detonate.
Federal agencies can't compete with the private sector when it comes to salary. But there are other ways to appeal to IT professionals.
One of the biggest barriers to successful DevOps and Agile processes is a lack of communication and organizational silos.
Artificial intelligence, facial recognition and machine learning could streamline and accelerate technology amid the pandemic.
A new report provides an update on two major IT modernization efforts at DHS.
The Coast Guard deployed the new EHR system at four pilot sites in California this month.
The directorate's IT modernization efforts are still on schedule despite challenges amid the pandemic.
Innovations in automation are improving mobile app certification.
Zero trust is more than verifying users, it's also verifying infrastructure.
AI and automation are helping the agencies streamline their cloud strategies.
DHS and DARPA are using AI to address public health concerns.
Senior officials from DHS, DOJ and the FBI say smart data practices help them telework more efficiently.
George Washington University's program will focus on transitioning security technology prototypes to usable products.