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Department of Homeland Security News and Analysis

News and analysis covering technical modernization at the Department of Homeland Security. As an umbrella agency formed in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, DHS oversees responsibilities ranging from port security to travel screening and financial crimes investigation. This array of missions has encouraged the agency to adopt new technology that allows greater finesse and discretion.
Officials from CISA, GSA and NIST say information sharing will be key to managing security risks in the supply chain.
CISA aims to prevent major supply chain security incidents like the SolarWinds breach from happening again.
Kenneth Bible comes from the Marine Corps, where he served as deputy CIO.
Security innovations can prevent cyber criminals from crossing physical and digital borders.
CISA is creating a cohesive cybersecurity approach for federal agencies.
A uniquely positioned DHS S&T Center of Excellence contributed to the COVID-19 response this year.
A research institute is working with the agency to innovate detection and monitoring capabilities around contraband and other illegal imports.
DHS and ICE are standardizing best practices in how they are approaching data policies and use.
The two security methods can enhance overall cybersecurity protocols.
Leaders look to newer focuses in securing their ICT supply chains.
With cyber interwoven into everything we do, the White House plays a crucial role in setting the stage for a strategy moving forward.
The Office of Intelligence and Analysis has a mix of short-term and long-term goals to achieve electronic records readiness.
Good data and good relationships with cloud service providers can ensure maximum use of CDM dashboards.
A new center of excellence is employing emerging technologies to address domestic terrorism trends in the U.S.
Automation, Agile and DevOps could be the blueprints for IT modernization.
Unlocking the benefits of the cloud requires close monitoring of security priorities.
The organization is working on digital forensic technologies to support cybersecurity.
CISA and a DHS S&T Center of Excellence will develop a nationwide network of cyber institutes for budding cyber professionals.
Strong supplier relationships and accurate data will make or break supply chains as federal agencies modernize their IT.
Leaders discuss execution of cybersecurity is just as important as modernized systems.