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Department of Defense News and Analysis

News and analysis relating to IT modernization at the U.S. Defense Department. As the center of U.S. military command, the Pentagon has consistently endeavored to apply new technologies to augment readiness and force efficacy. The increasing demands of data-intensive mission systems have necessitated a focus on cloud adoption at the Pentagon, as well as an attention to reforming defense-centric IT to anticipate and integrate future technology.
Hiring for a variety of skills and backgrounds will ensure the defense community has the scope of talent necessary to fully modernize and maintain its strategic edge.
The system will ensure defense companies implement appropriate cybersecurity practices and processes.
Work on DOD's health care informatics platform continued during COVID-19, including preparations to implement the program in Hawaii and San Antonio.
The implementation of RPA capacities across federal agencies are streamlining repetitive tasks and overall expediting the delivery of key services.
Military services are using automated development practices in the adoption of new technologies and to safeguard IT security.
CISA and DOD discussed what the U.S. needs to successfully rollout 5G.
The newest branch of the Armed Forces is bolstering its mission through a dynamic approach to technology development.
The agency's contracting and development process reforms lead to quick turnarounds for artificial intelligence capacities for the American warfighter.
Agencies can approach security in hybrid cloud environments, including SaaS and IaaC.
The Defense Department's IT support agency is taking a modernized and streamlined approach to tech contracting.
Knowledge-building is essential for organizational adoption of artificial intelligence and DevOps practices.
The service's first cloud-based software program included a rapid ATO process.
The Joint Trauma System is scaling to build a COVID-19 registry.
ID Technologies and CommScope are working toward connecting the Air Force to further maintenance and mission processes.
CISO Wanda Jones-Heath says thinking about the service on an enterprise level will spur efficiency and innovation across DOD.
Though some regulatory procedures have been impacted, accreditation board is already working with industry.
A new special report suggests that multifactor authentication, encryption and other steps can protect patients' health information.
A program with DOD helps bidirectionally share information with local partners.
Public and private-sector efforts now have a tiered approach to cybersecurity controls.
The Defense Department and the Intelligence Community review ‘mission-critical’ and classified work.