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Defense Digital Services

DevSecOps practices could secure open source technology as new threats emerge.
Modernizing approaches to software security leads to better detecting vulnerabilities and preventing zero-day incidents like the SolarWinds attack.
Critics worry AI will exacerbate disparities, but some federal AI officials believe the technology can identify biases and promote equity and fairness.
DOD and VA leaders unpack their workforce priorities as the technology landscape expands.
Join our senior researchers for a recap of our most recent virtual event.
Three of the agency’s biggest tech offices will all report to the new role.
Defense leaders outline modernization plans to provide the military with more secure and effective networks.
Tech modernization and the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic have pushed major agencies to embrace IT security that protects against newfound vulnerabilities.
Hiring for a variety of skills and backgrounds will ensure the defense community has the scope of talent necessary to fully modernize and maintain its strategic edge.
The Joint Pathology Center's effort to upload 55 million samples of tissues could pave new opportunities in medical research and patient care.
The service's first cloud-based software program included a rapid ATO process.