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data standardization

The agency is halting future deployments of Oracle Cerner’s EHR to focus on fixing the system.
Leaders from ONC discuss how the concept is using data standards to ensure data privacy and equity in health care.
Health IT leaders from SSA, FEHRM and VA discuss challenges and next steps for cross-government health data interoperability.
Federal health officials from CMS and CDC are adopting USCDI standards to further public health interoperability and equity goals.
Data standards and governance determine federal agencies's readiness for zero trust.
Data and cyber leaders detailed challenges with C2 modernization and how it will be the foundation for JADC2 implementation.
Health equity is a key policy initiative for the CMS, and data as at the core of its decision-making.
Agencies managing the immigration process find value in data management priorities within digitization efforts.
Enabling data access, collection and protection can augment manual processes and keep systems secure.
Health care agencies are implementing new technologies for enhanced data exchange.
ONC leaders discuss work around improved health delivery via data standards that are more representative of diverse populations.
New legislation and efforts at HHS are looking at reporting standards for all levels of government.