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Data management

The agency's data chief is collecting new information on social determinants of health to improve data analysis, health equity and trust.
Secretary Denis McDonough discussed findings and next steps from its strategic review of the electronic health record modernization program.
The new guidance is the latest move agencies are making in targeting improved health equity for underrepresented communities.
Public and private data leaders say data security and data readiness are not mutually exclusive.
Agency CTOs highlighted the areas they're working on to improve IT across the department.
Health leaders at DOD and VA are working through transforming processes ahead of the new federal electronic health record.
Data sharing and interoperability are key for data quality and governance.
Health and tech experts address how data processes are creating new efficiencies in the federal health sector.
The Department of Veterans Affairs describes data as a "superpower" unlocked by thoughtful data governance.
Chief data officers across HHS are strengthening platforms that speed up data collection and management.
New strategies will focus on making data a strategic asset to the military.
ICE and NCITE, a DHS S&T COE, highlighted the ways AI can support DHS mission integrity.
Data-driven platforms are pushing new solutions and remedying the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
New data capabilities to bolster its COVID-19 response and prepare for future medical challenges.
Automation tools can support decision-making and should complement the workforce.
ICE and TSA share lessons learned in data practices after migrating to the cloud.
The agency's tech leads saw operational efficiencies in a reorganized IT infrastructure that is adaptable to change.
Public health officials learned a lot from the pandemic, like how to pivot and upscale health IT and improve future interoperability.
ICE and USCIS have advanced their data strategies with automation over the past year.
The Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate's centers of excellence are supporting forward-leaning issues through technology innovation.