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Data management

Both Moderna and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines are approved for some vaccinated individuals while the agency reviews more data.
Federal policies are enabling agencies to build data-driven cultures in support of data modernization efforts.
A group of IT specialists and scientists are fostering collaboration to enact transformational changes across the agency.
Data management is a journey, and DHS components try to learn from each other.
Dr. Rochelle Walensky discusses CDC’s booster dose decision for some individuals and next steps in the regulatory process.
The agency is looking at new tools that are supporting both content and program management.
Through its strategic plan, the agency is embracing strategies to embrace a fully digital government.
FDA’s biologics leader explains progress with COVID-19 vaccines and response to emerging variants.
Federal tech leaders emphasize the importance of data to develop digital health services.
Information-sharing and analysis of large quantities of public health and health care data has been vital for informing the federal programs used to contain the pandemic.
Success in the RADx Program and at-home COVID-19 testing is leading to improved data collection and analysis.
A new initiative aims to build a “community of interoperability” to improve diagnostics and standards.
Data management and digital tools are driving FDA’s efforts to respond to the next wave of COVID-19 demands.
These concepts are helping organizations build and implement the digital strategies for tomorrow.
The agency is embracing a new customer experience strategy amid increased customer communications.
Leveraging patient experience data for product development requires strong workforce readiness.
The agency's data chief is collecting new information on social determinants of health to improve data analysis, health equity and trust.
Secretary Denis McDonough discussed findings and next steps from its strategic review of the electronic health record modernization program.
The new guidance is the latest move agencies are making in targeting improved health equity for underrepresented communities.
Public and private data leaders say data security and data readiness are not mutually exclusive.