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Federal Data Analytics News and Analysis

News and analysis covering the implementation of data analytics methods into government services and agency processes. Mounting advances in data science have enabled decision makers across the U.S. federal government to streamline agency functions in ways that improve both the quality and delivery of crucial business lines. Ongoing data integration projects have fostered collaboration between agencies with similar missions, fostering a new era of technical consilience that will allow the federal government to provide a newfound quality of services.
Meagan Metzger talks to GovernmentCIO Media about her tech accelerator
A product line management approach is ensuring better use of resources and cost savings across the agency.
Internal consultation on use cases, integration within existing services allows agencies to best position new capacities to modernize their organization.
The Navy utilizes multiple training platforms to onboard a talent pool across its three domains of business, readiness and warfighting.
NYU built a data hub to centralize cancer center data and enable modern analytics and data-driven in biomedical research.
Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) sensors collect enormous swaths of data. AI can help prioritize data loads for savvier warfighting decisions.
Agencies are creating an in-house foundation of expertise and processes needed for advanced projects.
The agency’s newly released LGY roadmap lays out investment in APIs, centralized dashboards designed to streamline the homebuying process.
Regular user surveys and constant monitoring go a long way.
The agency adopted a new artificial intelligence policy focused on building out existing capacities while fostering veteran trust.
As the IRS nears the mid-point of its six-year modernization plan, the agency's CIO maps out priorities for the future.
The organization is using advanced tools to combat deepfakes and other manipulated media.
FDA leaders are experimenting on new programs that innovate how technology facilitates the review and approval of new drugs.
CMS, NIH and VHA are strengthening data services and security to protect health services.
Agency CTOs highlighted the areas they're working on to improve IT across the department.
Data sharing and interoperability are key for data quality and governance.
New strategies will focus on making data a strategic asset to the military.
The agency's Million Veteran Program is advancing precision care and treatment for underrepresented populations.
Tech leaders across DHS and IRS are integrating AI to streamline processes and uncover new efficiencies.