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Federal Data Analytics News and Analysis

News and analysis covering the implementation of data analytics methods into government services and agency processes. Mounting advances in data science have enabled decision makers across the U.S. federal government to streamline agency functions in ways that improve both the quality and delivery of crucial business lines. Ongoing data integration projects have fostered collaboration between agencies with similar missions, fostering a new era of technical consilience that will allow the federal government to provide a newfound quality of services.
Meagan Metzger talks to GovernmentCIO Media about her tech accelerator
Arizona State University is applying analytics and other tools to help the agency predict and respond to emergencies.
Investment in electronic health records has fostered productive collaboration between agencies.
A data repository is bolstering the agency's overall modernization program and consolidating data efforts.
A cohesive data strategy will guide both health records modernization and improvements in lifelong care.
The Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate's centers of excellence are supporting forward-leaning issues through technology innovation.
NIH, HHS are looking to advance data sharing and openness as a means for advancing health management.
The Joint Trauma System is scaling to build a COVID-19 registry.
The agency is merging IT developments with patient outcomes and bridging the interoperability gap.
Standing up technology in support of FEMA's mission.
Cross-agency partnerships and remote collaboration tools are encouraging knowledge sharing and practical application.
DNA analysis with electronic medical records can improve health outcomes for the U.S. population.
The challenges of the pandemic have only reinforced the importance of using data insights to improve patient care.
The agency is using cloud services and other resources to help researchers access data and meet virtually.
AI is helping to prevent fraud, waste and abuse of funds.
Applying data analytics to predicting and preventing the shortage of vital medical equipment.
The agency is coupling API development with a focus on human-centered design to lay the groundwork for both current modernization and future initiatives.
The agency has implemented flexible technological capabilities to support ongoing COVID-19 response efforts.
Successful AI and machine-learning capacities within health systems require a foundational attention to data quality and the broader care environment.
Recently implemented telework measures are allowing the agency to focus on the Cerner transition despite challenges in pandemic.