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Meagan Metzger talks to GovernmentCIO Media about her tech accelerator
Getting to interoperability standards is a journey, not a destination, and requires close collaboration with all parties.
ICE and USCIS have advanced their data strategies with automation over the past year.
A new competition encourages ideas to validate and innovate synthetic health data to improve research in quality of care.
CMS is strengthening its outreach methods around regulatory changes, guidance and other vital health information about COVID-19 to support nursing homes.
Deputy Federal CIO Maria Roat looks ahead on the 2021 Action Plan of the Federal Data Strategy.
Leaders behind the first COVID-19 vaccine to receive FDA emergency use authorization highlight the role of technology in the quick development of the candidate.
HHS and VA officials are looking to holistic, cloud-based capabilities to get more out of their data.
Cloud-based environments and capabilities have been a key part of Maria Roat's approach.
The pandemic has exposed longstanding health disparities, the need for expanded access to care and improved communication strategies.
The JCF aims to leverage cloud platforms and data to enable open-access development of AI across the military.
Integrating emerging technology to safeguard information at the VA.
Diverse thought is necessary amid enterprise-level modernization and change.
FDA's post-surveillance methods ensure the continued safety of a vaccine through the collection and monitoring of health data.
A task force leveraged FEMA's cloud to centralize medical stockpile data and inform the nation's supply chain adjustment during the pandemic.
The long-awaited strategy emphasizes making data a strategic asset across the enterprise.
New legislation and efforts at HHS are looking at reporting standards for all levels of government.
Researchers are looking into digital resources to expand access to mental health care services.
Preparing data for AI use and ensuring all service members are able to leverage data are key.
The veteran leader discusses the importance of IT support and mentorship for technologists.