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Meagan Metzger talks to GovernmentCIO Media about her tech accelerator
Preparing data for AI use and ensuring all service members are able to leverage data are key.
The veteran leader discusses the importance of IT support and mentorship for technologists.
Using artificial intelligence to facilitate biomedical research and combat the pandemic.
The agency has multiple research and development programs using artificial intelligence for biomedical imaging and data-processing efforts.
A recent change in hospital reporting requirements removed a CDC submission process to streamline COVID-19 data sharing.
With a central data hub, the Military Health System can gain visibility and usability with health data.
USDA is leading data initiatives across government.
Agencies passed FITARA 10.0 largely due to software licensing, Agile development and data center consolidation initiatives.
The services are trying to gain insight into their data with automation to make improvements across the enterprise.
The agency is using cloud services and other resources to help researchers access data and meet virtually.
Delivering data 'at the speed of need' requires more visibility and usability.
The network plays a critical role in finding safe and effective coronavirus treatments at an accelerated pace.
Amid challenges of file and metadata standardization challenges, the agency is rolling out several solutions to optimize its electronic records management initiative.
The agency is training its workforce and collaborating with partners to protect information.
NIH, CDC and FDA leaders see health data sharpening government's understanding of COVID-19.
Successful AI and machine-learning capacities within health systems require a foundational attention to data quality and the broader care environment.
Rich Haley's priorities include data management and cloud computing for unique mission needs.
The agency released new data on COVID-19 cases in nursing homes and tactics that will support infection control.
Digital technologies can enhance how clinicians care for mental illnesses.