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Meagan Metzger talks to GovernmentCIO Media about her tech accelerator
Protecting data from future threats could see benefits from implementing post-quantum cryptography into agency frameworks.
RPA and AI enables a widespread data fabric to provide cleaner and more secure access to data.
The Defense Department faces an uphill battle as they continue to tackle cultural and trust challenges while moving toward the adoption and implementation of AI.
The data platform is helping enable fast decision-making and advanced analytics across the enterprise.
The Army is focusing on leadership and building a culture of trust with soldiers while upscaling its workforce and AI capabilities.
The department is putting cybersecurity first in strategic next steps.
The Food and Nutrition Service is focusing on data before it scales AI and ML capabilities.
AI leaders are making AI more accurate, accessible and equitable.
AI capabilities and data are providing DOD and USPTO with a clearer vision of what the customer needs in order to provide the best solutions.
User analytics and AI help Kessel Run improve product design by quickly identifying and analyzing user behavior.
Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks discusses CDAO’s role in making data-informed decisions and using the ADA initiative to guide AI investments.
The Defense Department's newest office outlines its mission for assuring and transforming AI.
It's critical to identify business use cases, sharpen data quality and governance, and work with end users to help improve AI adoption.
CISA’s CDM lead wants agencies to harness data and application security within their cybersecurity strategies.
Data is providing the framework that will help modernize and poise the Army to conduct operations at the tactical edge. 
Commander Gen. Glen VanHerck said intelligent automation better protects the homeland by promptly disseminating raw data throughout the world.
The Army is embracing data literacy training to empower personnel to leverage data.
The command is assessing new technologies to improve capabilities, automate processes and eliminate technical debt.
The workforce has a prominent focus in Gen. Richard Clarke’s modernization priorities as data efforts gain speed.