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Defense leaders are eying better governance and risk management as policy around ethical AI shapes up.
NIST is standardizing quantum-proof encryption algorithms to help federal agencies protect against quantum-based attacks.
Two quantum computing programs are poised to help government tackle innovations and applications in quantum computing.
The House Energy and Commerce Committee hears from biomedical experts as it looks to authorize legislation that would establish the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health.
The organization is using advanced tools to combat deepfakes and other manipulated media.
The military branches are coming together to make artificial intelligence capacities to support decision-making a reality.
The agency is exploring how quantum computing could improve speed and efficiency of health and science applications to support long-term future demands.
Local municipalities can better detect precursor chemicals from homemade bombs before they detonate.
Using artificial intelligence to facilitate biomedical research and combat the pandemic.
DHS and DARPA are using AI to address public health concerns.
A Defense Department program aims to track COVID-19.
The groundbreaking test could roll out mid-May.
Exploring the value of data in health science efforts across government.
The agency's new community of practice seeks to encourage interagency collaboration on implementation of robotic process automation.
The administration’s new American AI Initiative drew attention mostly for its cyber operations and security plans, but it also focused on healthcare and the need to infuse AI.
Agencies look to make electromagnetic-spectrum sharing more efficient as the number of connected devices grow.
DARPA's Information Innovation Office experiments with MediFor program platform to combat visual media manipulation.
DARPA's Information Innovation Office seeks to balance hardware specialization and programmability in new program.
Some programs look toward advancements that could affect other government uses of AI, including law enforcement, emergency response and medical uses.
DARPA wants to use AI to detect AI attacks before they can do damage.