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cybersecurity workforce

Join our hosts for an update on evolving federal cyber priorities.
Sherrill steps in as VA's security chief to lead a new cybersecurity approach.
CIO John Sherman highlighted a new upcoming cybersecurity workforce strategy to help its tech talent problem.
Women face many barriers to STEM careers, but trailblazers like CYBERCOM's Col. Candice Frost have a plan to smash those barriers.
Part of agency digital transformations include a focus on upskilling the workforce and adopting new security models.
309th SWEG is developing new IT and workforce programs to support broader DOD modernization efforts.
Automation has played a key role in helping improve cybersecurity processes, but workforce constraints still hamper efforts.
Government and academia are partnering to promote diversity across the cybersecurity workforce.
Division Assistant Director Bryan Vorndran sees a growing cyber workforce and improved avenues of collaboration as key.
FBI and DOD say government needs to rethink cyber strategies to keep up with cyber attacks.
The agency's cyber sprints are accelerating collaboration and cybersecurity across various sectors.
More education and information-sharing will boost the fight against ransomware, according to federal cyber leaders.