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cybersecurity workforce

The "huge" cyber skills gap also needs to be addressed between the public and private sectors to keep systems safe.
With the release of the National Cyber Workforce and Education Strategy, the administration and its partners aim to build foundational cyber skills in Americans long-term.
Defense Department cyber workforce lead Mark Gorak offers a sneak peek of the upcoming cyber workforce implementation plan.
Organizational complexity and shortages in technical talent remain the primary concerns for all service component commanders.
The agency released a ‘roadmap’ to help organizations decrease and confront cyberattacks in health care.
The Department of Education is making skills-based hiring a priority to address tech workforce needs in and outside government.
The Office of the National Cyber Director teased the upcoming cyber workforce strategy.
As the Defense Department implements its zero trust roadmap, data tagging and workforce education are both a challenge and an opportunity.
Future Marines need to know how to shoot, move, communicate and code, according to software leaders at the Marine Corps.
The new strategy targets DOD's longstanding struggles to recruit and retain top tech talent as cyberspace grows increasingly hostile.
The Army's Unified Network Plan and Data Plan are driving zero trust implementation, but workforce training and education are key.
Join our hosts for a look back at 2022’s top cyber trends and what to expect in the coming year.
2023 will bring advancements across enterprise-wide initiatives such as the PACT Act, EHRM and more.
The Pentagon's spending priorities include strengthening IT modernization and funding emerging technologies.
The agency is embracing new strategies to navigate an evolving talent, training and recruiting environment.
NNSA, an agency with one of the most sensitive missions in government, plans to deploy commercial cloud capabilities for classified systems.
The strategy lists secure, survive and strike as the primary principles for defense in cyberspace.
The State of the Federal Cyber Workforce report outlines areas for improvement and a new action plan.
CIO Kurt DelBene stresses the importance of building the agency's vision and workforce upon the fundamental aspects of zero trust.
Join our hosts for an update on evolving federal cyber priorities.