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Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency News and Analysis

News and updates covering the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. Established in 2018, CISA was founded to coordinate and execute national cybersecurity policy across the entire U.S. federal government. The modernization of government services and digitization of vital data has left federal agencies a growing target for malicious breach, and CISA has focused on how to ensure the greater federal government implements and maintains the most up-to-date information security standards. This has included a dual focus on cybersecurity protection against both lone actors as well as the activity of adversarial nation-states.
DHS is working to secure supply chains and leverage new standardization to protect IT networks.
The agency provides a look at how the risks with 5G impact supply chain and uncover new vulnerabilities.
Officials from CISA, GSA and NIST say information sharing will be key to managing security risks in the supply chain.
A new report lists the biggest weaknesses in the ICT supply chain and what private and federal IT leaders can do to eliminate them.
Best practices leverage agility for keeping data secure as federal agencies move away from legacy IT systems.
Resources and talent only go so far if you're not aware of which systems are most vulnerable and still clicking on phishing emails.
Following major cyber incidents, cybersecurity experts push for CISA support and a National Cyber Director.
As government agencies go digital, increased cyber risks require a holistic approach.
Congressional representatives say the position would be the best way for the U.S. to prevent and address cyber incidents efficiently.
CISA and NSA provide guidance for how federal agencies can address critical vulnerabilities in their networks.
CISA official says current practices are likely to become part of long-term guidance.
The coronavirus pandemic is leading to an increase in cybersecurity attacks and scams.
Deterrence, speed and a collective approach to defense are the core concepts of the new strategy.
While the attack was reportedly unsuccessful, federal cybersecurity leads encourage agencies to 'remain vigilant'.
Coordination with partners at all levels continues to be a focus for the agency.
Early use cases create secure connections for branch offices and remote users.
The new assistant director brings artificial intelligence background to the agency.
The agency encourages all organizations to review its cyber and physical security procedures.
Cybersecurity and emerging technologies were key in the agency's 2019 IT advancements.
Partnerships and collaborations will be priorities in advancing supply chain security for information and communications tech.