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National security efforts include means to protect and coordinate with the nation's first responders.
Monza discusses the strategy behind securing endpoints, users and data by getting rid of passwords and running anti-phishing exercises.
Information-sharing and defending health care from threats are some security initiatives at the agency.
Partnerships are increasingly becoming important in government cybersecurity efforts.
HHS is making strides in innovating its cybersecurity posture through its approach to recurrent neural networks and beyond.
Connolly is responsible for shaping government-wide policy for a broad range of issues, including federal workforce and agency oversight, procurement and information policy, and more.
The cybersecurity efforts within the overall Optimize NIH initiative are important toward the agency's IT improvements.
A new approach to training service providers is essential to bake cybersecurity into health care.
How the nation's largest health care provider manages security.
The FBI must strategize its IT modernization efforts while balancing crucial security responsibilities.
Some of the agency's challenges include modernization and recruiting top talent to meet cyber needs.
Cloud needs to be considered a piece of critical infrastructure that must be protected.
Grant Schneider joins Cybercast to discuss the national cyber strategy, acquisition and more.
Discussing the role of DoE in responding to cyber and natural disasters.
Discussing the realities of reporting in a digital media world.
How emerging tech is shaping American industry.
The first CyberCast episode explores how cyber relies on proper risk management.
Discussing a renewed focus on risk management.