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Cybersecurity leaders discuss how they see the concept impacting the mission partner environment and implementation efforts.
The agency is working with industry, local agencies and other federal agencies to use emerging tech to better protect networks and systems.
EPA is leaning on new cybersecurity guidance by leveraging tools that will protect information and operational technology at water facilities.
Digital Corps Fellow Brittney Wright uses her passion for cybersecurity to motivate the next generation of technologists.
Agencies are learning how to secure data while maintaining accessibility in their operations.
Fellow Jamila Crawford embedded at CISA is eyeing emerging technology amid national security priorities.
JCDC section chief breaks down how the agency works with global partners to improve cyber resiliency while helping its counterparts to do the same.
The agency’s deputy CISO breaks down some of the tools he’s prioritizing amid evolving security threats.
Staff Writer Anastasia Obis and Managing Editor Ross Gianfortune talked about the framework and how the Intelligence Community is looking to adapt to the changing world.
Enjoy this sneak preview of our July 27 GovFocus.
A new memo outlines the key areas federal agencies will need to prioritize from the National Cybersecurity Strategy.
Emerging technologies are improving climate modeling, weather forecasting, and threat detection and incident response.
VA’s Kendall Krebs unpacks the latest developments with the agency’s cloud migration and discusses next steps for security.
The Marine Corps is taking steps to merge its enterprise and tactical networks as it prepares for a changing warfare paradigm.
A new Army program office provides a centralized approach to implement zero trust across the enterprise.
Defense Department cyber workforce lead Mark Gorak offers a sneak peek of the upcoming cyber workforce implementation plan.
DOD CIO John Sherman outlines his IT priorities this year.
Software modernization at the Defense Department is key to maintaining a competitive advantage in modern warfare.
Organizational complexity and shortages in technical talent remain the primary concerns for all service component commanders.
The Defense Information Systems Agency reflects on the recently completed zero trust pilot and implications for the armed services.