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Partnerships and modern mitigation tools are key to securing critical infrastructure from cyberattacks.
ICE is automating and integrating its security processes to stay on top of threats.
Next-generation security and automation could provide DHS with the network security they need as the threat landscape becomes more aggressive and dangerous.
Concepts and mandates such as cyber incident reporting, DevSecOps and zero trust only go so far.
CISA's Shields Up effort is here to stay as federal cyber leaders consider the future of cyber and national security.
As threat volume and complexity grows, National Intelligence Director Avril Haines calls for greater collaboration to strengthen cybersecurity efforts.
The agency is looking to implement large-scale information security reforms designed to meet White House goals and counter an evolving threat landscape.
The Blue Cyber Initiative aims to answer small business contractors' questions about cybersecurity.
CISA encourages all organizations to report immediately and maintain consistent communication until cyber incidents are resolved.
There are special tools to help organizations protect their infrastructures from malicious Russian cyber activity.
DevSecOps continues to bring change to government's culture and approach to security.
The recent executive order has given shape to a broader move across federal agencies away from a reliance on perimeter security.
CISA Director Jen Easterly encouraged critical infrastructure organizations and federal agencies to aggressively shore up cyber defenses as Russia bombards Ukrainian critical infrastructure with malware.
Defense leaders outline modernization plans to provide the military with more secure and effective networks.
The agency is emphasizing its role to provide tools and capabilities to federal government for countering threats.
The federal agency is collaborating with other local governments to prevent future cyber attacks.
With surges in cyber crime, leaders from across government came together to help both public and private organizations develop cyber strategies.
Agencies are safeguarding data from ransomware and other health sector threats.
Federal cybersecurity experts emphasize the importance of capabilities like zero trust to prevent future breaches.
'Soft skills' are among the top traits for strong cyber leadership, according to federal CISOs.