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CXO Tech Forum Digital Health 2020

Rep. Michael Burgess sees potential for future technology to improve medical care.
The No. 2 leader reiterates the agency's goals toward cutting costs and empowering patients with data.
Technology experts across the federal health sector see customer satisfaction as the essential purpose behind implementing complex analytics.
Federal health care agencies look to modernize their systems to prepare for accelerated innovation.
The milestone is opening doors of future blockchain-driven opportunities within the agency.
Representatives from HHS, CMS, and Veterans Affairs detail their agency’s approach to centralizing data, building interoperability, and protecting the integrity and security of their platforms.
The Congressman and practicing physician discusses the challenges around reconciling privacy legislation with nationwide EHR systems, and the benefits of AI for healthcare.
Government health care leaders will discuss the opportunities and challenges presented by artificial intelligence, data analytics and robotic process automation.
Deputy Secretary Eric Hargan explained how these initiatives will carve the path forward for the agency.
The CIO made a critical news announcement in the last session of the digital health tech forum.