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The agency’s ‘Moving Forward’ strategy is reshaping IT and improving the way data is shared across the public health ecosystem.
A lot of innovative work happens within the federal government, but it struggles with its messaging to attract the talent it needs.
The use of unauthorized technology has become increasingly prevalent in the remote work environment, weakening cybersecurity.
Federal leaders highlight challenges to getting more women into government and how to foster a strong work culture where women can flourish.
Defense Innovation Board members received an update from the science and technology and strategic investment capital task forces.
Dorothy Aronson identifies culture and innovation as key components of a successful tech strategy.
Leaders are focused on changing mindsets instead of buying specific tools for zero trust.
The Defense Department faces an uphill battle as they continue to tackle cultural and trust challenges while moving toward the adoption and implementation of AI.
The data platform is helping enable fast decision-making and advanced analytics across the enterprise.
The Navy and NSA believe collaborative public-private partnership and training will significantly boost overall cybersecurity posture.
New DOD Chief Digital and AI Officer Craig Martell said the DOD mission lured him away from Lyft and now wants to develop a culture that appeals to new AI talent as well.
The Army is embracing data literacy training to empower personnel to leverage data.
The agency follows a collection of guiding principles that include secure and modernized systems to accomplish an extensive data architecture across the agency.
DevSecOps continues to bring change to government's culture and approach to security.
Tackling identity management within a zero trust strategy requires a culture shift.
The IRS procurement chief is focusing on skilling and culture change for successful RPA adoption.
AFWERX is partnering with Dcode to transform tech culture.
Federal IT leaders highlight benefits of cloud, lessons learned and the role of software-as-a-service in the future.
There are different ways to build a culture of change, including business readiness assessments and employee engagement.
The agency is creating a culture around cloud technologies.