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Both Moderna and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines are approved for some vaccinated individuals while the agency reviews more data.
The agency’s Evidence Synthesis Program analyzes large quantities of clinical data to better understand common conditions and provide more effective care to VA patients.
The agency has continued to refine the modernization efforts used to support a remote workforce and the overall COVID-19 response.
Dr. Rochelle Walensky discusses CDC’s booster dose decision for some individuals and next steps in the regulatory process.
Through its strategic plan, the agency is embracing strategies to embrace a fully digital government.
The Government Accountability Office has provided oversight over COVID-19 amid the challenges the pandemic has created.
FDA’s biologics leader explains progress with COVID-19 vaccines and response to emerging variants.
The Department of Veterans Affairs has been dispatching medical personnel and other support to areas impacted by extreme weather activity.
Information-sharing and analysis of large quantities of public health and health care data has been vital for informing the federal programs used to contain the pandemic.
Success in the RADx Program and at-home COVID-19 testing is leading to improved data collection and analysis.
The new legislation also builds on White House infrastructure goals to improve health care, drug development and more.
Investments in records digitization and partnership with the National Archives and Records Administration has allowed the agency to streamline its benefits program.
Data management and digital tools are driving FDA’s efforts to respond to the next wave of COVID-19 demands.
The agency will be instating public health precautions to halt the spread of the Delta variant and protect the health of veterans and caregivers.
Dr. Neil Evans brings experience with health IT management and digital modernization to his role as VA’s tech executive.
The data chief is aiming to make veteran data integrated across the agency and its partners.
Tech modernization and the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic have pushed major agencies to embrace IT security that protects against newfound vulnerabilities.
The agency is embracing a new customer experience strategy amid increased customer communications.
A permanent supply chain program will help the agency prevent shortages of medical devices.
Leaders across the veteran service organization outline how it is supporting veterans throughout the pandemic.