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COVID-19 News and Analysis

News and analysis covering the U.S. federal government’s response to the COVID-19 epidemic and advances against novel coronavirus. The COVID-19 epidemic has presented an unprecedented global public health challenge, one that has demanded serious and often unprecedented action on behalf of U.S. federal agencies. Our reporting covers COVID-19 action taken by the Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Veterans Affairs, National Institutes of Health, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Ongoing public health efforts are tackling COVID-19 and other health crises.
The agency stood up its HHS Protect platform quickly amid the pandemic, and now it will have uses in future efforts.
The Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics program, or RADx, brought scalability and advancements to COVID-19 testing.
Wide-reaching funding increases are impacting services that provide essential veterans care, including mental health and coronavirus research.
CMS is strengthening its outreach methods around regulatory changes, guidance and other vital health information about COVID-19 to support nursing homes.
Technology can bridge the health divide among certain tribal groups in rural areas.
Automation, Agile and DevOps could be the blueprints for IT modernization.
A new report lists the biggest weaknesses in the ICT supply chain and what private and federal IT leaders can do to eliminate them.
FDA's post-surveillance methods ensure the continued safety of a vaccine through the collection and monitoring of health data.
Looking ahead to the future of American health care.
The Department of Homeland Security is leading research efforts to assist, inform and prepare the public to respond to COVID-19.
Rep. Michael Burgess' own health care focuses have shifted in light of the pandemic.
The agency is updating its guidance around vaccine authorization and will require investments in technology for its distribution.
The agency accelerated its IT modernization plans to expand telehealth and improve veterans' digital health services.
The pandemic has changed the way federal organizations think about DevOps and adaptability.
Trans Lifeline supports the transgender and nonbinary communities through its suicide prevention hotline and microgrants program.
'Soft skills' are among the top traits for strong cyber leadership, according to federal CISOs.
BARDA DRIVe's director shares how health entrepreneurship can tackle some of the nation’s most pressing health challenges.
The Joint Trauma System is scaling to build a COVID-19 registry.
The COVID-19 pandemic has increased priorities around health information security, crowdsourced penetration testing and collaboration.