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The agency has endeavored to modernize its electronic health records and other tech infrastructure.
Congress and GSA are working to improve FedRAMP amid the push for cloud adoption.
As cyber crime explodes, cyber experts and federal cyber leaders insist on systemic change.
Secretary McDonough and Rep. Mark Takano say the proposed bill would overhaul the agency’s infrastructure and health care facilities.
The House Subcommittee on Research & Technology advocates for increased funding around AI, data analytics and robotics.
Congress is faced with new recommendations to advance AI for national security and talent development over the next decade.
Looking ahead to the future of American health care.
Veterans Affairs saw a 1,000% increase in telehealth visits since the beginning of the pandemic.
Proposed legislation aims to expand VA mental health services.
Following major cyber incidents, cybersecurity experts push for CISA support and a National Cyber Director.
Congressional representatives say the position would be the best way for the U.S. to prevent and address cyber incidents efficiently.
The former attorney discusses consolidating the multiple award schedule.
Legislation for remote voting is gaining traction amid a global pandemic.
Deterrence, speed and a collective approach to defense are the core concepts of the new strategy.
The officials report successful transition of MTFs to DHA and MHS GENESIS EHR deployments to House members.
The report, to be issued March 11, will outline a national and allied effort to defend in cyberspace.
Key topics include election security, workforce and building public trust.
The Congressional AI Caucus stands out as an example of bipartisanship and leveraging interest to promote knowledge.
Data and legislation can improve veteran access to health care services.
Congressional leader advocates for early education in technology for government's future IT workforce.