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cloud security

Software supply chain risk management and continuous monitoring are key strategies for maintaining a strong cyber posture in the cloud.
Cybersecurity is a challenge in hybrid cloud environments with disparate missions.
SolarWinds, CISA and the White House issued new information regarding the state of cyber and advised how to better secure critical infrastructure.
Federal agencies can start by applying a zero trust security model to cloud operations.
Congress and GSA are working to improve FedRAMP amid the push for cloud adoption.
A GSA IT modernization lead highlights importance of governance, security, training and more during all stages of cloud migration.
DHS cyber leaders have a laundry list of items for federal CISOs to address.
An Atlantic Council leader advocates for greater empowerment of the CISO role.
Migrating to the cloud securely does not have to hinder optimal workflows.
With all the options out there, the federal government ran into unique interoperability and security issues with communication software.
Agencies can approach security in hybrid cloud environments, including SaaS and IaaC.
The agency's multi-cloud environment is presenting lessons around security and application migration.
Continuous monitoring of assets on a cloud server amplify security and privacy.
A multi-cloud environment is critical to supporting beneficiaries and agency operations.
Agencies should include digital tools in all supply chain security strategies amid growing emerging tech.
Best practices leverage agility for keeping data secure as federal agencies move away from legacy IT systems.
The agency is training its workforce and collaborating with partners to protect information.
Key takeaways include the value of partnerships and the importance of cloud security training.