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cloud computing

The agency is creating new workforce efficiencies for DOD’s new cloud computing era.
DISA leadership brief how partnerships will impact new cloud efforts.
The National Institutes of Health's STRIDES Initiative wants to enable all researchers to share and use data in the cloud.
Software factories push for culture and policy changes to help put the Defense Department on a faster track to integrating DevSecOps into its infrastructure.
The service's upcoming efforts are honing in on advanced data management and analysis to expedite decision-making and joint operations.
DISA’s HaCC empowers the warfighter by delivering problem-solving capabilities via user-centered design.
Agencies are supporting AI and data analytics projects through more advanced hybrid clouds.
The agency is modernizing business lines through a digitalization program that integrates data inputs into more reliable and easily accessible services.
A new kind of collaboration allowed to host 100 million unique digital users per hour.
The cloud empowers FEMA to address efforts around climate, resilience and readiness.
The acquisition is one of the health IT sector’s largest buys.
Security threats facing next-generation networks need proactive approaches amid cybersecurity and digital modernization strategies.
As federal agencies embark on larger cloud transformation programs, government technology leaders are paying attention to the foundations for building in comprehensive cybersecurity.
The Pentagon's cloud office lead discusses the shift away from the JEDI cloud contract and what this means for its data modernization goals.
Federal cybersecurity experts emphasize the importance of capabilities like zero trust to prevent future breaches.
HCD is improving CMS's tools for cloud cost transparency and operational excellence.
Unlocking the benefits of the cloud requires close monitoring of security priorities.
Government executives recognize that process reorganization is necessary for leveraging new technologies.
The agency prioritizes IT developments amid shifts in workforce and health care.
The agency’s IT transformation initiative allowed VA to effectively adapt services around the demands of the pandemic.