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CIO Jeff Shilling shares how cloud infrastructure is supporting data-sharing across the cancer research community.
Federal IT leaders highlight benefits of cloud, lessons learned and the role of software-as-a-service in the future.
The agency's VETS program has focused on applying new IT capacities and partnership with other agencies to provide additional resources for veterans.
The agency's cloud migration strategy is aligning business values and customers' needs.
Tech modernization and the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic have pushed major agencies to embrace IT security that protects against newfound vulnerabilities.
The agency is creating a culture around cloud technologies.
Congress and GSA are working to improve FedRAMP amid the push for cloud adoption.
A GSA IT modernization lead highlights importance of governance, security, training and more during all stages of cloud migration.
Public-private partnerships can enable federal agencies to streamline operations in the cloud.
Cloud, AI, machine learning and wearables are helping drive agencies' mission and data-driven decision-making.
VA’s DevSecOps lead is integrating agile incrementally into its strategic priorities to guide its digital transformation journey.
Various modernization initiatives to improve public health have pivoted as a result of the pandemic.
VA, USCIS and CMS tech leads are streamlining processes in an effort to enhance security practices.
HCD is improving CMS's tools for cloud cost transparency and operational excellence.
The cloud is fueling data functions across the institute's research community.
HHS and VA officials are looking to holistic, cloud-based capabilities to get more out of their data.