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5G can bolster data-sharing and speed of delivery, but requires proper cloud and data infrastructure.
Cloud leaders at VA, NOAA and USCIS discuss the role of cloud in their strategies.
Part of agency digital transformations include a focus on upskilling the workforce and adopting new security models.
DISA’s Hosting and Compute Center is working through technical and programmatic challenges created by hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
Next-generation security and automation could provide DHS with the network security they need as the threat landscape becomes more aggressive and dangerous.
Tackling government's biggest data challenges requires honing in on data.
A new effort is taking extracted data from IOT devices to a build a health data ecosystem for the military.
Data is providing the framework that will help modernize and poise the Army to conduct operations at the tactical edge. 
The command is assessing new technologies to improve capabilities, automate processes and eliminate technical debt.
The command is calling on partners to help connect data, build cloud infrastructure and modernize security solutions.
Commercial cloud-hosted collaboration tools will be a critical component for JADC2.
A product line management approach is ensuring better use of resources and cost savings across the agency.
Join our senior researchers for key highlights on health tech infrastructure innovations and modernization.
Data leader Susan Gregurick discusses how the agency is improving data sharing and usability for biomedical research.
A new kind of collaboration allowed to host 100 million unique digital users per hour.
Amid data challenges, CDC and ONC are working to modernize and drive interoperability.
Join our senior researchers for a look back at the year in federal IT.
Network modernization efforts gain a large amount of momentum after Navy releases Information Superiority Vision document in 2020.
The Army and SOCOM use modern technologies to protect, maneuver and fight at the most secure levels on base and in the field.
Modeled after DOD's Platform One, a new enterprise-class hosting service is enabling faster development.