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CISA's updated guidance provides more technical depth across the five pillars of zero trust and adds a new maturity stage.
Technology leaders across government gathered to discuss top IT modernization priorities during DOL’s Federal Tech Day, which included AI and cybersecurity.
Cybersecurity and speed of deployment are two concerns around next-generation network capacities.
The agency released a ‘roadmap’ to help organizations decrease and confront cyberattacks in health care.
CISA's new K-12 Report outlines what schools can do to better protect their systems from cyber intrusions and overall risks.
Federal agencies are increasing pay, diversifying talent and developing policies to create a world-class federal tech workforce.
Increased capacity for critical information requires efficient and secure maintenance of systems.
Air Force and CISA programs are securing critical data and IT infrastructures.
The strategy calls on software developers to assume more responsibility for cyberattacks due to poorly developed code, common to the open-source community.
Jorge Laurel unpacks NSA’s recently published document examining potential security threats to 5G.
CISA's Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative will focus on managing and preventing persistent cybersecurity threats, such as supply chain risk and open-source software.
Cyber leaders, like superheroes, wind up to punch out malicious cyber actors.
Securing open-source software is a unique challenge, and the federal government is just starting to develop ways to evaluate and minimize security risks associated with its use.
Health and civilian agencies expect to build off progress to improve health equity, smarter IT acquisitions and better customer experience through digital services.
Federal agencies will need to incorporate post-quantum cryptography into their data security frameworks to avoid potential cybersecurity risks from quantum computers.
CISA and GSA identity management leaders unpack new playbook.
Ransomware-related filings skyrocketed in the second half of 2021, costing U.S. critical infrastructure more than $1 billion in ransomware payments.
CISA is confident in the security and resiliency of election infrastructure, but concerns remain due to a complex threat environment.
The final episode in this miniseries explores ransomware trends and strategies from CISA's perspective.
The State of the Federal Cyber Workforce report outlines areas for improvement and a new action plan.