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Standing up technology in support of FEMA's mission.
Agencies passed FITARA 10.0 largely due to software licensing, Agile development and data center consolidation initiatives.
The agency is tackling data center consolidation, workforce upskilling, and modernizing its network.
The agency's tech efforts impact 9.5 million beneficiaries around the world.
The agency is training its workforce and collaborating with partners to protect information.
CIOs from DHA, HHS and CMS give the scoop on how they’re bolstering their agencies’ health IT.
The CIO Council is a forum of federal CIOs to improve IT practices across government.
Wynn talks challenges in managing new and legacy systems, plus barriers she's overcome as a woman in government IT.
National Science Foundation CIO Dorothy Aronson details her key ingredients to innovation including how to approach tech like AI.
CIO Suzette Kent and others provide updates about recruitment and shared service programs.
Since smart assistants are proliferating, agency CIOs should take note of these skills for everyday tasks.
Under its previous CISO, the agency was looking to automation and advanced security tools to help.
And is incorporating emerging tech into future innovation plans.
The role has been vacant for 18 months.
"The static state of the federal government of the last century doesn't exist anymore."
“We would be in a better position … if DOD led in the federal IT arena.”
There’s no shortage of legislation aiming to grant CIO more power.
What keeps the CIO of Indian Health Service up at night?
CIOs should start small and focus on augmentation.
Expect to ruffle some feathers along the way to affect meaningful change.