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Dr. Rochelle Walensky discusses CDC’s booster dose decision for some individuals and next steps in the regulatory process.
Agencies brace for next phases of the COVID-19 pandemic amid vaccination mandates.
Leaders at the Center for Tobacco Products outline new research findings for tobacco and cannabis use, following the onset of COVID-19.
Cloud, AI, machine learning and wearables are helping drive agencies' mission and data-driven decision-making.
HHS’ at-home and self-testing services could help the public maintain health safety amid reopening plans.
The nearly quarter increase in funding would largely go toward strengthening public health preparedness.
SAMHSA and other agencies are introducing communications and tech campaigns to support the mental health challenges of older people.
Chief data officers across HHS are strengthening platforms that speed up data collection and management.
The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System quickly detected and alerted federal health agencies on the potentially fatal effects of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine.
Emerging data and technology drives new health recommendations to address disease and preventive services.
Getting to interoperability standards is a journey, not a destination, and requires close collaboration with all parties.
Potential heads of HHS, CDC, COVID-19 task force aim to fight coronavirus in first 100 days.
HHS and VA officials are looking to holistic, cloud-based capabilities to get more out of their data.
The pandemic has exposed longstanding health disparities, the need for expanded access to care and improved communication strategies.
The largest public research university in Virginia is depending heavily on virtual learning, and these changes may be here to stay.
A recent change in hospital reporting requirements removed a CDC submission process to streamline COVID-19 data sharing.
NIH, CDC and FDA leaders see health data sharpening government's understanding of COVID-19.
The agency released new data on COVID-19 cases in nursing homes and tactics that will support infection control.
Federal leaders emphasize the role of data in vaccine and treatment development, economic relief funding and contact tracing.