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The agency is expanding cryptocurrency work to crack down on rising digital asset misuse and illegal activity.
Agencies are piloting blockchain-based solutions to make grants management more efficient.
A uniquely positioned DHS S&T Center of Excellence contributed to the COVID-19 response this year.
A research institute is working with the agency to innovate detection and monitoring capabilities around contraband and other illegal imports.
The agency is exploring the benefits of technologies like AI, blockchain and RPA in federal procurement.
FDA is modernizing its technology infrastructure to accelerate scientific and regulatory decisions.
New research suggests cross-functional teams and emerging tech can improve government acquisition.
Experts tell Congress how the technology can drive costs down, while boosting security and operations.
The milestone is opening doors of future blockchain-driven opportunities within the agency.
Government and industry leaders predict 'the rise of the CDO' and more.
HHS is making strides in innovating its cybersecurity posture through its approach to recurrent neural networks and beyond.
Officials from the VA and beyond engage the community for feedback on their most pressing IT issues.
The agency's efforts are transforming how it does business.
The emerging technology could improve data transparency, accountability and security, say agency innovation leads.
Technology plays a vital role at the agency's data efforts and shared services.
The position had been open since August 2018.
Federal IT leaders debate the utility of blockchain.
Rounding up IT and advanced tech-related news impacting government and industry.
The technology holds the promise of making information more secure and more sharable while giving patients more control over it.