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biomedical research

The National Institutes of Health's STRIDES Initiative wants to enable all researchers to share and use data in the cloud.
The agency is using synthetic data in support of health care and biomedical research initiatives.
Join our hosts for a discussion of recent news in the federal space.
Data leader Susan Gregurick discusses how the agency is improving data sharing and usability for biomedical research.
NYU built a data hub to centralize cancer center data and enable modern analytics and data-driven in biomedical research.
The House Energy and Commerce Committee hears from biomedical experts as it looks to authorize legislation that would establish the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health.
A key leader in the agency's diversity office shares how NIH is committing to improving equity and inclusion.
The agency's SEED and extramural research offices are pushing for more equity and diversity in partnerships.
NCCIH outlines the potential Brain2AI has for biomedical and behavioral research.