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autonomous vehicles

These revolutionary technologies should not be over exaggerated, AI expert says.
It’s uncommon for a candidate to quit training so early on.
Airborne automobiles are “major economic and transportation opportunity that U.S. must lead," NASA official says.
Autonomous vehicles rely on GPS data and mapping apps, but when they're wrong, the cars are left in the dark.
Focus is on airborne travel — for the most part autonomous — more than ground/air hybrids.
An AI summit draws top tech leaders and their suggestions for federal adoption.
Today's robots, however, are still more Roomba than Optimus Prime.
To truly benefit from the technology, we need to address lingering regulatory concerns.
Rounding up IT and advanced tech-related news impacting government and industry.
Concerns remain about safety, cyberattacks and testing exemptions.
Sea Hunter is crewless and guided by artificial intelligence and sensor systems.