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2023 will bring advancements across enterprise-wide initiatives such as the PACT Act, EHRM and more.
The agency has stood up its systems to accommodate an influx in claims and services. Now it looks for additional workforce to fill critical roles.
VA Deputy CIO Reggie Cummings discusses how infrastructure operations (IO)-as-a-service streamlines VA systems and services.
The joint force needs transformational computing technologies to achieve JADC2.
This special Thanksgiving-themed episode dives into key initiatives in government technology.
New process efficiencies in automation and cybersecurity will enable increased processing of PACT Act claims.
VA Secretary Denis McDonough provided updates on critical initiatives, including the PACT Act and VLM, at the NPC Headliners Luncheon.
EEOC, NARA and VA are accelerating case management modernization to prepare for the digital future.
Join our researchers for a recap of GovCIO Media & Research's recent CyberScape events.
ICE is automating and integrating its security processes to stay on top of threats.
Zero trust and a strong cybersecurity culture will help the Department of the Navy prepare its data for AI.
DOL CTO Sanjay Koyani says user experience is guiding the agency’s IT modernization.
SEC, USPTO and GAO use automation to maximize operations by reducing repeated tasks and optimize workflows.
Kurt DelBene said the agency plans to increase its spending for cybersecurity.
The Defense Department sees great advantages of artificial intelligence and machine learning when it comes to supporting its workforce and back-office functions.
Several VA leadership and tech developments took center stage last weekend.
Denis McDonough discusses how VA will prepare for additional claims from the PACT Act after the bill is signed into law Wednesday.
The agency's recently appointed Acting Undersecretary Josh Jacobs is gearing up for process improvements amid new legislation.
Next-generation security and automation could provide DHS with the network security they need as the threat landscape becomes more aggressive and dangerous.