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Automation tools can support decision-making and should complement the workforce.
Creating a more digitally driven agency requires close consideration of policy and technology to automate processes and decommission aging systems.
VA, USCIS and CMS tech leads are streamlining processes in an effort to enhance security practices.
Similar to RPA, intelligent process automation enables applications for faster decision-making and processing.
The agency's tech leads saw operational efficiencies in a reorganized IT infrastructure that is adaptable to change.
Automation, Agile and DevOps could be the blueprints for IT modernization.
Preparing data for AI use and ensuring all service members are able to leverage data are key.
The command's new leader highlights priorities for the Army's modernization efforts.
Innovations in automation are improving mobile app certification.
As weather patterns change rapidly, the federal agency looks to update data for its flood analysis more quickly and efficiently.
The services are trying to gain insight into their data with automation to make improvements across the enterprise.
Getting a handle on data strategies in cloud and multi-cloud environments can ensure efficient automation.
The agency is using technologies like virtual waiting rooms and automation to mitigate the increased traffic.
New research suggests cross-functional teams and emerging tech can improve government acquisition.
Cross-collaboration and changes to acquisition are key as priorities shift.
Artificial intelligence is one component the agency is hoping to streamline acquisitions and beyond.
The cloud-based bot is scalable and uses AI capabilities to aid concerned users in the midst of the pandemic.
CVP Director on the benefits automation can bring to clinical workflows.
The Global Emancipation Network deploys data-driven tools to stop exploitation and abuse.
Robotic process automation can allow federal workers to perform more meaningful work.