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Federal Artificial Intelligence News and Analysis

News and analysis covering the U.S. government’s advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation. Federal agencies continue to make remarkable strides in the implementation of automation technologies to essential services, radically improving their efficiency and quality of delivery. Additionally, agencies including the departments of Veterans Affairs and Health and Human Services have begun applying artificial intelligence to medical care and public health quandaries, making significant leaps in diagnostics, research and epidemiology.
Despite hours of watching monitors, human eyes still miss important activity.
Agencies need humans to manage the machines and tell them what to do.
Limitations make them akin to a cartoon genius who can solve the riddles of the universe but can’t remember how to make toast.
Kepler has discovered over 1,000 exoplanets in about 440 star systems, though not all lie in a habitable zone.
Two-thirds of the country’s roads and over 140,000 bridges desperately need repairs.
Agencies have to consider how to manage the incoming flux of virtual employees.
Startups and tech empires alike need these in-demand skills.
U.S. is on top of IoT, but lags in robotics.
These days, analysts have a lot to digest.
Rounding up IT and advanced tech-related news impacting government and industry.
Report finds cognitive technologies help caseworkers manage heavy caseloads.
Researchers get help to quickly comprehend massive volumes of disparate data.
Official: DOD should never buy another weapons system without artificial intelligence.
Many devices in the IoT ecosystem remain unprotected.
Algorithms would aid military analysts find actionable intelligence faster.
Machine learning and other approaches can feed into AI, but they’re not the same.
But these technologies are still limited in what they can do.