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Leaders say they will be "ruthless" with their budgets and current investments to drive highly effective, interoperable IT.
DOD's IT modernization challenges warfighters to think beyond tactical skills.
The military branches are coming together to make artificial intelligence capacities to support decision-making a reality.
The Army and Navy are integrating new cloud strategies to drive technology adoption and utility.
Leaders discuss execution of cybersecurity is just as important as modernized systems.
The Army's telehealth resource center applied remote health technologies used on the battlefield to address COVID-19.
Using more automation can help federal agencies improve quality of data.
The Army has adopted the technology, especially in mental health care, as DHA has advanced telemedical capabilities
The services are trying to gain insight into their data with automation to make improvements across the enterprise.
Delivering data 'at the speed of need' requires more visibility and usability.
The Defense Department and the Intelligence Community review ‘mission-critical’ and classified work.
NAPA's mission is important to the advancement of public service initiatives.
New technologies aren't the only focus for federal agencies to modernize.
Today's robots, however, are still more Roomba than Optimus Prime.
And how are they helping the Pentagon prep for the future?