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Federal agencies can cultivate the right partnerships to optimize IT modernization efforts.
First of its kind strategy will guide the agency in achieving a more robust cybersecurity framework that will reduce risk and improve user experience.
The service is introducing new Google workspaces amid widespread digital transformation strategies.
Lt. Gen. John Morrison says Army plans to increase BYOD program users to 20,000.
BYOD program will let soldiers and DOD civilians securely access government systems through their personal devices
Army is taking a cross-government, multi-nation approach to securing cyber at speed.
Army struggles to strengthen its workforce to meet its growing digital engineering needs
The service is moving away from being network focused to being data centric.
The service leverages analytics and technology to recruit and develop civilian talent.
Part of agency digital transformations include a focus on upskilling the workforce and adopting new security models.
The service's upcoming efforts are honing in on advanced data management and analysis to expedite decision-making and joint operations.
Leaders are focused on changing mindsets instead of buying specific tools for zero trust.
Technically focused wings of the federal government have begun investing in the computational resources needed to sort and analyze large quantities of complex data.
Army, GSA and VA leaders are improving identity management to secure critical employee and customer information.
The Army is focusing on leadership and building a culture of trust with soldiers while upscaling its workforce and AI capabilities.
AI will be a critical component of JADC2, AI leaders said at the NDIA's JADC2 Symposium this week.
Army CIO Dr. Raj Iyer said the department is 'at an inflection point' for IT modernization to meet future threats.
Data is providing the framework that will help modernize and poise the Army to conduct operations at the tactical edge. 
The Army's digital transformation relies on its ability to share data rapidly and securely while iterating on new technologies for a military environment.
Zero trust interoperability is critical for DOD in order to implement JADC2.