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The agency recognized recent programs during an event at its health care facility in Palo Alto.
Eight user experience principles make up new tools supplementing EHR functions to provide insights around health symptoms and workforce burden.
Cultural and technical agility underpins the Air Force's new zero trust roadmap amid Defense Department zero trust activities.
Carrie Lee, head of VA’s product engineering, talks platforms for faster development cycles.
Kessel Run leader says cutting-edge cyber solutions are all about self-healing.
The agency plans to modernize its major business processes, such as the claims payment system.
Join our researchers for their top five takeaways from the conference.
VA Lighthouse director Dave Mazik explains new digital tools that are supporting veteran health outcomes.
The rule will outline API standards for payer-to-payer data exchanges of health information.
The Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement sets the ground for new strides in health data interoperability.
The agency’s newly released LGY roadmap lays out investment in APIs, centralized dashboards designed to streamline the homebuying process.
SoftwareAG Government Solutions integrates modern and legacy systems to help federal agencies unleash their data. 
National Coordinator for Health IT Micky Tripathi notes next year will see pay off for recent strides in data interoperability.
Agencies are working with their users to determine which technologies will improve the digital experience.
Public-private partnerships can enable federal agencies to streamline operations in the cloud.
The long-term data storage and aggregation potential of health information exchanges can help smooth health care and make medical discoveries.
The Senate Commerce Committee seeks to balances data collection and use with privacy to control the coronavirus spread.
The agency is improving access to patient data for veterans.
Strategies for managing data include best utilizing API-led mainframe integrations.
Easing data sharing across health care holds potential for all stakeholders, from day-to-day care to public health crises.