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Data strategies are aimed at improving health equity in the long term.
NIST is standardizing quantum-proof encryption algorithms to help federal agencies protect against quantum-based attacks.
Federal agencies will need to incorporate post-quantum cryptography into their data security frameworks to avoid potential cybersecurity risks from quantum computers.
Protecting data from future threats could see benefits from implementing post-quantum cryptography into agency frameworks.
The organization is using advanced tools to combat deepfakes and other manipulated media.
CMS, NIH and VHA are strengthening data services and security to protect health services.
Algorithmic development and multidisciplinary collaboration are key.
Leaders from government and industry rely on technology to overcome current drug crises and predict the next.
Government officials from the Executive Office of the President and the Defense Department discuss the state of AI adoption and implementation.
DARPA's Information Innovation Office experiments with MediFor program platform to combat visual media manipulation.
DARPA's Information Innovation Office seeks to balance hardware specialization and programmability in new program.
These revolutionary technologies should not be over exaggerated, AI expert says.
AI is getting closer to natural language, thanks to industry advancements.
Traveling could get easier and faster with fingerprint scans and facial recognition technology.
Knowing what’s likely to happen soon is always a great idea.
Google missed an opportunity to say no, with clear consequences.