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Air Force

AFWERX is partnering with Dcode to transform tech culture.
The service's cyber lead is synchronizing all cyber efforts, ensuring transparency and accelerating change in a new operating environment.
Training and sharing of practices within and across agencies are vital for successful DevOps.
The services are trying to gain insight into their data with automation to make improvements across the enterprise.
CISO Wanda Jones-Heath says thinking about the service on an enterprise level will spur efficiency and innovation across DOD.
Effects of the pandemic on the workforce are pushing the Air Force's digital modernization efforts.
Using a digital twin increases development velocity while breaking down silos.
The Defense Department and the Intelligence Community review ‘mission-critical’ and classified work.
The defense organization is pushing new boundaries in its hiring and innovation practices.
IT leaders recommend identifying use cases to apply the technology.
The innovation team has focused on recruiting Air Force tech talent with an eye toward fostering broader change.
The newly inducted software executive will lead service initiatives to develop software more quickly.
Cybersecurity leaders across government point to penetration testing as a solution to identifying many IT vulnerabilities.
Recruiting and retaining talent amid a changing technological landscape.
Government officials from the Executive Office of the President and the Defense Department discuss the state of AI adoption and implementation.
When Orion reaches lunar orbit in the early 2020s, it’ll have technology on board to send back HD-quality video.
The threats looming in orbit, and the tech needed to thwart them.
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