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Air Force

The new office’s lead talks leveraging emerging technologies and best practices to speed up scientific research and innovation.
The Pentagon's Center for Calibrated Trust Measurement and Evaluation will address challenges around assessing its AI systems.
" going to kill us," Brig. Gen. Luke Cropsey said. "The more complex your environment is, the simpler the rules of engagement need to be."
A top priority at the Air Force is zero trust implementation, but seamless integration for it is complex.
Platform One will move part of its DevSecOps product to secret level this year and to top secret level in 2024.
The data chief returns to the Air Force focused on data preparation to enable AI across the service.
Outgoing Air Force CIO Lauren Knausenberger reflects on the impacts she has made at the service and what’s next.
Defense tech leaders at TechNet Cyber 2023 explain how JWCC will build upon the military departments' ongoing cloud efforts and software factories.
Kessel Run has been quietly proving how achieving a software-empowered organization transforms all facets of warfighting operations.
Digital twin technology, data and software tools play a leading role in helping the Defense Department meet its 2030 and 2050 climate strategy benchmarks.
Air Force and CISA programs are securing critical data and IT infrastructures.
On the anniversary of Russia invading Ukraine, military tech leaders are focused on improving communication between the sister services and allied partners without sacrificing cybersecurity.
Cultural and technical agility underpins the Air Force's new zero trust roadmap amid Defense Department zero trust activities.
CIO Lauren Knausenberger discusses software factories, zero trust and more among Air Force priorities.
Air Force software factory Kessel Run replaced the 609th Air Operations Center's legacy IT battle management system with its new suite of software applications, called KRADOS.
Narratives around zero trust, AI and user experience will drive ongoing developments in defense technology.
A new zero trust strategy may alleviate department challenges in creating a connected ecosystem on military bases.
With legacy systems in place, agencies are starting to use DevOps to ease the shift to new IT systems.
Responsible, resilient and robust AI is an absolute necessity for the Air Force to compete and win on the global stage.