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Air Force software factory Kessel Run replaced the 609th Air Operations Center's legacy IT battle management system with its new suite of software applications, called KRADOS.
Narratives around zero trust, AI and user experience will drive ongoing developments in defense technology.
A new zero trust strategy may alleviate department challenges in creating a connected ecosystem on military bases.
With legacy systems in place, agencies are starting to use DevOps to ease the shift to new IT systems.
Responsible, resilient and robust AI is an absolute necessity for the Air Force to compete and win on the global stage.
The Air Force is prioritizing key data enabling capabilities ahead of JADC2.
Technology, processes, culture, training and funding hinder Air Force modernization efforts necessary to problem solve and stay ahead.
RPA and AI enables a widespread data fabric to provide cleaner and more secure access to data.
Software factories push for culture and policy changes to help put the Defense Department on a faster track to integrating DevSecOps into its infrastructure.
A software factory named for the legendary UFO repository proves innovation is 'everlong' at the Air Force.
Integrating operational processes across the armed services and information-sharing will hinder JADC2 if left unaddressed.
Peer mentorship and unconscious bias intervention are helping women succeed in the federal workforce.
309th SWEG is developing new IT and workforce programs to support broader DOD modernization efforts.
DISA and the Air Force invest in emerging technology to enhance user experience and maintain a secure network.
Airmen need secure mobile solutions for increasingly interconnected battlespace.
Kessel Run leader says cutting-edge cyber solutions are all about self-healing.
DOD leaders say you can't have JADC2 without zero trust and a "data-centric" approach to cyber.
The key to successful cybersecurity is "know thyself."
The Blue Cyber Initiative aims to answer small business contractors' questions about cybersecurity.
Defense officials described how zero trust, ICAM solutions, DevSecOps and common data standards will optimize JADC2 implementation.