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AI Ethics

A new bill can help the industry and public grapple with integration of the technology ethically.
Agencies are incorporating the technology into daily operations to improve data processing and broaden treatment options.
Officials are honing in on use cases and how to integrate the technology ethically.
Technology leaders across government gathered to discuss top IT modernization priorities during DOL’s Federal Tech Day, which included AI and cybersecurity.
The new framework aims to improve trustworthiness and governance of emerging artificial intelligence technologies.
VA’s Dr. Michael Kim explains recent programs and pilots informing the future of AI in veteran health care.
In the last of this two-part interview, Kelly Rose outlines how she’s considering standards and other social challenges for AI.
The Department of Energy is using AI to enable environmental missions.
New AI frameworks, blueprints and ethical guidelines are impacting federal agencies.
VA's Gil Alterovitz discusses new strategies aimed to make AI development ethical and trustworthy.
VA is turning to data standards to improve health care as more veterans use personal health monitoring devices.
Critics worry AI will exacerbate disparities, but some federal AI officials believe the technology can identify biases and promote equity and fairness.