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Commander Gen. Glen VanHerck said intelligent automation better protects the homeland by promptly disseminating raw data throughout the world.
The effort aims to mitigate discrimination and bias in algorithm, AI and software used in hiring processes.
As data collection expands at the tactical edge, the service wants commercial cloud capabilities and cloud-based collaboration tools to process data more efficiently.
Federal health IT leaders highlight how training the workforce, recognizing business needs and building trust are key for successful data modernization.
DISA and the Air Force invest in emerging technology to enhance user experience and maintain a secure network.
The agency's veteran readiness division lead explains new digital tools that are improving veteran employment services.
Joseph Thele and Mark Ricciardi explain how they plan to modernize VA HR systems.
Modernizing systems for more mobile environments can ensure efficient applications of AI and biometrics in tandem to pinpoint enemies.
The Navy is using ICAM and other tools to prepare its IT landscape for the new technology standard.
The Navy utilizes multiple training platforms to onboard a talent pool across its three domains of business, readiness and warfighting.
Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) sensors collect enormous swaths of data. AI can help prioritize data loads for savvier warfighting decisions.
DOD overcomes fear of innovation in the digital space and starts to embrace emerging technologies and tools in AI and DevSecOps.
The cloud empowers FEMA to address efforts around climate, resilience and readiness.
The combination of vision and senior leadership along with goal setting leads to a transformed business.
Join our senior researchers for a recap of our most recent virtual event.
An ICE call center is streamlining surges in case volumes received during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Three of the agency’s biggest tech offices will all report to the new role.
The playbook looks to promote ethical and successful AI adoption across HHS.
The department is implementing its AI strategy to improve data efforts and veteran solutions.
A new Chief Digital and AI Officer will streamline and build upon AI efforts across DOD like those in the Air Force.