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Predictive analytics with machine learning capabilities can get ahead of the curb in fraud and waste prevention.
Automation tools can support decision-making and should complement the workforce.
The Administration for Community Living is leveraging data to train AI algorithms that deliver a greater insight into adult mistreatment research and predictions.
The Veterans Benefits Administration overcomes pandemic challenges with advances in GI Bill benefits, mail processing and artificial intelligence.
The Coastal Resilience Center uses modeling software to predict and evaluate hurricane landfalls and flooding hazards.
JAIC's Lt. Gen. Michael Groen aims to integrate AI applications across departments and offices.
Partnerships are enabling well-rounded capabilities at GAO, GSA and State.
Agencies officials discuss the progress and opportunities in areas like data, security, AI, IOT and workforce.
Congress is faced with new recommendations to advance AI for national security and talent development over the next decade.
With AI and software increasingly becoming embedded in hardware, security is evermore essential.
The pandemic accelerated various IT modernization efforts across the agency, with a heavy emphasis on security.
Arizona State University is applying analytics and other tools to help the agency predict and respond to emergencies.
The agency's tech leads saw operational efficiencies in a reorganized IT infrastructure that is adaptable to change.
The agency emphasizes partnerships, research in AI and a new AI Council, which Chief AI Officer Oki Mek will helm.
Developing biomedical technologies requires strong strategies in data analytics and innovations with tools and imaging.
The Office of Intelligence and Analysis has a mix of short-term and long-term goals to achieve electronic records readiness.
A new center of excellence is employing emerging technologies to address domestic terrorism trends in the U.S.
Automation, Agile and DevOps could be the blueprints for IT modernization.
A multi-cloud environment is critical to supporting beneficiaries and agency operations.
Defense Innovation Unit is bringing commercial AI technologies across DOD to improve mission capabilities.